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Michael Fallon’s speech  is a warning sign of this government’s intention to bomb Syria, and it raises the possibility of a vote in Parliament in the coming months.

The proposal is in response to the terrible attack in Tunisia, but will do nothing to stop further attacks. Support for ISIS in Tunisia has grown in the past two years, largely as a result of the growth of terrorism in neighbouring Libya. That in turn dates from the British and French led bombing of Libya in 2011, which has killed tens of thousands and has created a state of civil war, terrorism and misery for its people.

Two years ago, the coalition government was defeated when it tried to win a vote to bomb Assad. We argued then that bombing and intervention would not solve the problems in Syria. That is as true today. Indeed the savage US bombing already taking place in Syria (and in Iraq, helped by the British), is argued by many to be helping ISIS recruitment.

The terrible events in Tunisia should not be allowed to justify further wars. The terrorism which is now growing across the region has been worsened by all of the recent wars Britain has been involved in.

We must act now to stop this new military campaign, as we successfully prevented bombing in 2013. Stop the War is planning a summer campaign of action. Please support us financially if you are able.

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