Our branch often gets asked questions about: retired membership, maternity leave, the political fund, overpaid subscriptions, free will etc.

Thinking about retiring? Why not remain as retired member of the branch and continue to received UNISON benefits –  become a retired UNISON member.

Unions are required to maintain a political fund in order to take part in political activity.  UNISON is unique in having two funds.

One is the UNISON Labour Link fund (previously known as the Affiliated Political Fund), through which UNISON affiliates and engages with the Labour Party.

The other is the Campaign Fund (previously known as the General Political Fund), which is not used for party political campaigning.

Members pay an additional 5% contribution to support UNISON’s campaigning activities, and can choose to pay into one or both funds.

  • If you want to switch your political fund contributions from the Campaign Fund to Labour Link, or vice versa, use this form.
  • If you currently pay into only one fund, but wish to contribute to both, use this form.
  • If you wish to opt out of contributions to either political fund, use this form.

More information on the political funds here.

  • Your subscriptions should be reduced in line with your maternity pay.
  • Firstly, contact the branch office to have your UNISON record and membership status updated with your maternity leave information.
  • If you pay by direct debit contact UNISONdirect (0800 0 857 857) to ask for your subscriptions to be amended.
  • If you pay your subscriptions via your salary contact the payroll department regarding reducing your UNISON subscriptions in line with your maternity pay.
  • When you return to work contact the branch office to update your record with any changes (hours etc.) as your subscriptions and UNISON may need adjusting.

If your circumstance have recently changed i.e. you have reduced your hours or changed your role you may have overpaid your subscriptions.  To apply for a subscription refund please complete the subscription refund form 

UNISON operates an initial free online wills service for members for standard wills and partners if drawing up a mirror will.  Access the free will service