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As a UNISON branch, we are part of one of Britain’s biggest trade unions, representing workers across all the public services.

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UNISON’s Higher Education Service Group Executive (HESGE) met  on 20th September to discuss the results of the industrial action ballot on the 2016/17 national pay offer.

A long and considered discussion took place, which took into account the close vote in the ballot, a disappointing turnout and the knowledge that it was likely that if UNISON did take strike action it would not be with all other unions (due to notable differences in positions and timetables). Joint union action has been key to previous successful action.

Taking this into account it was reluctantly agreed that UNISON would not take industrial action on this occasion. The HESGE felt that the ballot results and views from regions meant that the union could not deliver a sufficiently strong strike to force the employers to improve their derisory pay offer.

UNISON is committed to national pay bargaining and will continue to campaign to improve members pay, terms and conditions in higher education.   Further discussions will take place at UNISON’s forthcoming HE branch seminar, which will also focus on the need to build membership and engage members in future industrial action ballots.


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Dan J Bye, UNISON Branch Secretary, has been re-elected to professional services staff seat on the University Board of Governors.  Dan was supported by UNISON, and his term of office is for four years until 31 July 2020.  

 Dan received 58.3% of first preference votes.  As this was a clear majority over the three other candidates, Dan was duly elected without second or subsequent preferences needing to be counted.   He thanks everyone who voted for him, and everyone who participated in the election.

 Turnout in the election remained disappointingly low, at 16.3% of eligible staff.  However, this was an improvement on the vote in 2014, when only 14.9% of eligible voters participated.  Improving understanding and awareness of the work of the Board, and therefore hopefully participation in Board elections, is something that Dan is committed to during his term in office.

 The Board of Governors intranet site can be found here: https://www.shu.ac.uk/?sc_itemid=764A54D7-2D6E-4CD6-9F0C-34B976E7F34F



UNISON has repeatedly called for an independent and thorough investigation into what really happened at the “Battle of Orgreave” during the miners’ strike.

The official version of events – put forward by the police – was that the miners were to blame for the violence that erupted that day, and that the police were acting in self-defence. But we in the labour movement have always known that wasn’t the real story.

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Recruitment and Retention

Saturday 15th  October 2016 – 10.00 pm to .4.00 pm

The training will aim to cover :-
Confidence in public speaking
The Race Protocol
Race awareness
Managing Stress/Relaxation Techniques

UNISON (Regional Office)
Commerce House
Wade Lane

Lunch and Crèche’ will be provided. Please indicate if you have any dietary requirements. Crèche places must be booked in advance.

If any members wish to attend, please contact Joanne Ward unisonadministrator@shu.ac.uk for an application.

Deadline to register to attend the training is 10th October 2016.

Cost to Branch: £25.00

Travel expenses will be covered by the branch.




Joint statement from general secretary Dave Prentis and president Eric Roberts

With the publication of the Chilcot inquiry report on Britain’s involvement in the Iraq war, UNISON has commented with a joint statement by general secretary Dave Prentis and president Eric Roberts.

It reads:

“After seven long years, the Chilcot inquiry into the invasion of Iraq has published its report.

“UNISON opposed the invasion, believing that it was both based on the false premise of Iraq holding weapons of mass destruction and was illegal without a vote in the UN Security Council.

“After the invasion, it soon became apparent that neither the UK nor US governments had a post-invasion strategy; leading to years of instability, civil war and terrorism which continue today, 13 years later.

“More people died in the years after than during the invasion itself.

“UNISON expects that those who took the decision to invade, while failing to adequately plan for the future, should be held accountable for their actions.

“The families of British soldiers and the tens of thousands of Iraqi civilians deserve nothing less than justice.”


Nearly 85,000 people like you have already signed the LGPS parliamentary petition. Please take 30 seconds to add your signature to theirs.


What’s the problem?

The government has announced plans to force individual Local Government Pension Scheme funds to invest in UK infrastructure projects. This is instead of direct government funding of important projects – even if it doesn’t give the best return for LGPS members’ pensions.

UNISON is not against LGPS funds investing in infrastructure, but we believe that investment decisions should be made by the fund managers and their members, not government ministers.

Such a significant change to your pension funds should be debated in parliament.

Our records show you are a member of the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS), so you might be interested to know that if we get 100,000 signatures by September we will have the opportunity for a debate in the House of Commons.

Five million people like you rely on the Local Government Pension Scheme to pay their pension.

This is why UNISON has launched the petition calling for a parliamentary debate and is asking you, as a scheme member, to add your name today.

Jon Richards
UNISON national secretary (pensions)

Sign the petition

P.S. Find out more about UNISON and pensions and about your LGPS pension.