Please support the 50 workers at Care UK Doncaster who have been on strike for over 81 days since February 2014,  making it the longest NHS related dispute in the history of the NHS. It was late last year that Care UK announced that they wished to change the terms and conditions of those employees who transferred to them from the NHS when Care UK won the Supported Living Contract.  In some cases the changes mean a cut of 50% to take home pay.  It is clear that the employer intends to de-skill and dumb down the skill base enjoyed by the current staff and replace them with minimum wage carers, thereby reducing the quality of the service provided.   Strikers continue to travel the country making their case and raising the issue at all levels.  Leverage pressure is being put on Bridgepoint the parent company via pension funds in the UK and USA.   But the strikers need financial support and solidarity to keep up the fight.  Please send donations and messages of support to the Care UK Strikers at:


UNISON Doncaster, District & Bassetlaw Health Branch


Jenkinson House

White Rose Way

Doncaster  DN4 5GJ