This week is dyslexia awareness week which is a good time to mention that I am working with a small group of mostly union colleagues trying to gain a better understanding of dyslexia in the workplace here at SHU.  We know there are clear support strategies for students particularly focussed on certain tasks like essay writing, but I am not sure that there is much information about supporting staff.


The generic HR reports suggest that the number of staff declared as dyslexic are very low.  However as union reps we occasionally do come across cases where support is needed. 


To build a better understanding of what is going on out there we would be particularly interested in hearing of positive examples of support that have occurred.  But any experiences would be of interest.


If you are willing to share this information with us then please e-mail: Ian Chesters or you can ring x6060.   

(We will of course take any references to individuals or teams out of any examples we use).