Role of the UNISON steward

We’re also always looking for new UNISON stewards, particularly in areas where we currently have no representation.  Key elements of the role are:

  • Organising – talking to, recruiting and organising members around workplace issues, publicising campaigns and keeping members informed about and involved in local negotiations.
  • Advising – giving advice or acting as a sounding board to members with workplace issues, referring members for assistance where appropriate, or helping them to find out the information they need.
  • Representing – after training, accompanying members in meetings and formal processes, or helping them to raise problems with managers before they get out of hand.  Ensuring that members’ views are represented to the wider union branch.

Stewards are entitled to facility time and undertake training to carry out this role.  They may also act as local Health and Safety representatives.

If you’d like to find out more, contact Dan Bye, Branch Secretary, or you could consider becoming a workplace contact.  Workplace contacts have a more informal role and can act as part of a network supporting elected stewards.