UNISON currently has eleven stewards who have been elected to represent members across the University.

To see who your local representatives are, see:  https://unisonshu.org.uk/contacts/.

But we need more!    Most constituencies do not have their full complement of stewards, and some constituencies are without representation at all.  Stewards do a great job on your behalf, and more stewards could do an even better job.

Workplace stewards are at the heart of our union. They are your first point of contact where you work, and they work hard to make your voice heard and make your workplace a fairer and better place to work.

Stewards get the satisfaction of supporting colleagues, but can also gain new skills and experience that might be hard to pick up any other way.  You will also receive excellent training in the role from the Union, support from the Branch, and you are allowed paid time off work to carry out union duties.


·        Participating in a range of activities including organising, recruiting and representing UNISON members.

·        Being involved in how the Sheffield Hallam University UNISON branch is run.

·        Being the first and main point of contact for members in your constituency.

·        Supporting and advising members on workplace issues, both individual and collective.

·        Acting as a spokesperson for the members in your constituency and informing and involving members in branch activities.

Not sure if it’s for you?  Read on…

“But I don’t have the skills!”

Here are six common worries you may have about becoming a steward – and why it’s not as scary as you might think.

1. I don’t do public speaking…

…but I do raise issues I am concerned about in team meetings at work.

2. I don’t do negotiation…

…but I did complain when my gas bill got too high, and I did sort out a better deal with the company.

3. I don’t do campaigning…

…but I did support my local library when it was threatened with closure.

4. I don’t do recruitment…

…but I do get my neighbours to support the local school

5. I don’t organise meetings…

…but I do organise outings and holidays with my friends and family

6. I don’t do representation…

…but I did go to the doctors with my partner to make sure they got their views across.

Sound like you? Your colleagues need you!


Should you wish to find out more about becoming a steward, please contact one of our current Stewards or Branch Officers, or for more information visit


If you want to stand, you will need to get elected.

Complete a Steward Nomination Form (available here: ​doc icon Shop_Steward_Nomination_Form_2021.doc– which requires two members of your constituency to nominate you.  The form should then be emailed back to UNISON administrator Joanne Ward.

If you are unsure of the UNISON members in your constituency please email Joanne Ward who will able to contact members on your behalf.

Your nomination will then be circulated to members in your constituency and provided no objections are received you will be deemed elected, otherwise an election will be held.