In the July 2015 Budget the Chancellor announced that workers on the minimum wage would be getting a pay rise. What he didn’t say was that changes to tax credits will actually leave them worse off.

This is because families affected will find that their pay rise is more than wiped out by cuts to child tax credit and working tax credit. But it does not stop there. People earning £15,000, £25,000, and even £30,000 or more could face a big cut in their tax credits too.

UNISON is deeply concerned about the impact the Chancellor’s tax credit changes will have on working people. General Secretary Dave Prentis has written to every MP demanding that they vote against the cuts – so that they are in no doubt that UNISON will stand up for its members. You can reinforce that message by writing to your MP too or letting us know your story about the tax credit changes.

How much might you lose from the 2015 tax credit cuts?