AGM survey results

Many thanks to all the members who took part in our AGM survey.  We had 112 responses in all which is a good basis to plan future AGMs around.

Responses indicate that the current timing of AGMs (lunchtime of the first Wednesday in March) is best for most members.  Our communications about the AGM seem to be working too, as more than 90% of respondents knew it was taking place.  Unfortunately 38% were too busy to attend, and a further 22% were not in the University on the day.

Suggestions for addressing this include raising awareness of the importance of the meeting and staff’s entitlement to attend.

We also asked about incentives to attend, and found that the free lunch we currently offer after the AGM is the most popular incentive (51% said this would make them more likely to attend).  45%  would also like to hear a speaker from a relevant issue or campaign, and 31% would like a UNISON goody bag.  We’ll certainly look into having speakers in the future, this might offset some of the less interesting but necessary AGM business!

Most respondents were from City Campus and happy with the current location.  However staff from Collegiate Campus and Hallamshire Business Park did comment that the additional travelling time means that an hour is insufficient to attend the meeting, and that they would be more likely to attend if it was held on their site.  Next year we will look into holding an additional meeting at Collegiate and/or HBP; this will also mean there is an alternative date available for staff who aren’t in the University for the City Campus meeting.

Thanks again for all the responses and the helpful suggestions that were made by many of you.  The branch will be discussing these further when we are planning events throughout the year, and we look forward to a quorate AGM in 2014!