TAKE A BREAKContinuing on our theme of wellbeing, we are hosting another lunchtime event. This time we will be holding our “picnic” indoors on Wednesday the 9th December between12-1pm in room 1023 in the Owen Building.

We are excited to be able to offer all UNISON members an opportunity to take part in a wellbeing session during the event. Dal Takhar will be running a “no sweat” exercise session and discussing how to stay fit and prevent stress and injury from being sat all day at a desk. It’s a fun activity that everyone can join in (you don’t need to be fit or sporty). Dal has run these sessions before and received great feedback.

Please come along to the event to catch up with colleagues and join in the session. If any of your colleagues who are not yet UNISON members would like to come along and take advantage of the session they can do so by joining up on the day.

We are running this event at City campus as a pilot. If you are based at Collegiate and would like the opportunity to take part in this kind of wellness event, please let us know and we will look to arrange for Dal to run a further session there.