Join UNISON in May and June and attend a free workshop

UNISON has launched an offer aimed at new members, to support activists recruiting and organising.

The pilot project means that new members joining in May and June will be offered a choice of four free workshops to be run from September onwards.

The workshops include: Welcome to UNISON; Internet Skills; Facing Change Together; and Your Skills, Your Future – a chance to think about your personal development and next steps. They will also be available to existing members as part of the broad range of learning opportunities UNISON offers. This includes courses like English for Speakers of Second Languages (ESOL), confidence building and communication skills.
UNISON’s head of learning and organising services Jo Cain said: “We know that UNISON members really value our learning offers like Return to Learn, which has now been running successfully for 25 years.

“If we can get new members involved in the union through learning as well then it not only helps us recruit but organise as well.”

To find out more about UNISON’s learning opportunities, email

There will be a UNISON stand at the main entrance to City Campus from 11am – 2pm on Wednesday 5th June where non-members can join UNISON.