Councils sign up to support campaign against transatlantic trade deal that threatens democracy.

The campaign against the EU-US trade deal TTIP – which threatens democracy, local services and environment protection – is gaining momentum through the TTIP Free Zone campaign.

UNISON and Global Justice Now, who are running the campaign, believe that TTIP could be the biggest threat to democracy of our generation. This is true both at national level, where government policy like increasing the minimum wage or freezing energy prices could be challenged in secret corporate tribunals, and at local level, where councils could be forced to favour big American corporations over local, sustainable businesses in their procurement. Councils could also be challenged for doing things like denying planning permission for fracking in their local area.

Across the UK, 19 local councils have joined the campaign, declaring themselves to be ‘TTIP Free Zones’ and UNISON is urging members to lobby their local councillors to get involved.

For more information visit the TTIP Free Zone website and download the campaign pack, consisting of briefings, posters, leaflets, badges, stickers and a sample motion for you to use in getting your local council to come on board with the TTIP Free Zone campaign.

TTIP Free Zone website

Briefing on local authorities and TTIP

TTIP education leaflet

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