John Moores joins ‘growing number’ of universities gaining accreditation as living wage employers

UNISON has welcomed the news that Liverpool John Moores University has become an accredited living wage employer.

The university, which employs around 2,500 staff, received accreditation from the Living Wage Foundation after committing itself to paying permanent employees and third-party contractors at least the living wage £8.25 an hour.

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Employers’ initial offer to higher education unions does not include the living wage.

The five higher education trade unions have rejected an initial pay offer from the employers and urged them to improve it before the next meeting.

The unions met UCEA, the employers’ representative body, on 21 March – the first of the 2016-17 pay negotiation meetings.

The trade unions presented a joint claim and the employers responded with an opening offer.

This offer included a 1% increase on all pay points, as well as a statement that the employer has a genuine interest in exploring whether all sides can agree joint work on reducing both the gender pay gap and casual work in the sector.

The joint unions rejected this proposal, which does not address areas such as the living wage, and urged the employer to improve the offer before the next meeting, which is scheduled for 28 April.

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Higher education employers have made a “full and final” pay offer of 2%, with a minimum pay point equal to the living wage, following pay talks with the unions.

UNISON’s higher education service group executive will meet on 23 April to discuss the consultation with members on the 2014/15 offer and the dispute over 2013/14 pay read more









Click here to read the Joint Higher Education Trade Union Pay Claim 2014/15


branch in action 22 Jan





UNISON along with UCU and EIS have announced a further 1 day national strike for the 6 February 2014 in response to the HE employers refusal to improve their inadequate 1% pay offer. Unite are currently undertaking further consultation. The growing inequality in pay in higher education between senior managers and the workforce as a whole has been under the spotlight in the run-up to further strike action.

Universities are refusing to make a decent pay offer, despite holding huge cash reserves, which are predicted to continue for the next few years by the Higher Education Funding Council, which describes university finances as being “sound overall”.

UNISON Branches up and down the country will be protesting next week to highlight the inequality within the sector, as well as the added value that employees contribute to the student experience.

UNISON’s National Secretary Jon Richards said “ Universities are keen to proclaim their success and line the pockets of Vice Chancellors and their cronies with inflation busting rises as a reward. Yet thousands of HE staff earn below the Living Wage. Workers who even the Chancellor of the Exchequer acknowledges are the “working poor”.

“The money is there to pay more. Staff who have managed to hang onto their jobs through significant changes have seen their workload increase dramatically, yet their incomes have been squeezed to breaking point”.

More than 4,000 staff currently earn less than the living wage despite another year of projected surplus. Pay is being squeezed following five years of pay rises below the cost of living and salaries for staff have fallen in real terms by more than13% over the last five years. Staff have lost between £666 and £3,574 that they would have had if salaries had kept pace with the cost of living. UNISON’s low-paid members are already at the sharp end of the coalition government’s welfare reforms such as the bedroom tax.

What you can do:-

  • Support the strike
  • Join/support our picket lines at Sheffield Hallam University (email Dan Bye your availability)
  • Join the rally called by Higher Educations UNISON, Unite and UCU  at 12pm on 6th February 2014 outside City Hall, Sheffield
  • Sign the online petition calling for Fair Pay in HE:

Further information on the pay campaign can be found at:-