Bill proposing to give unions a seat on all university courts dye to receive third reading in Scottish Parliament

UNISON has welcomed Scottish government proposals to give unions a seat on university courts, as part of its Higher Education Governance Bill, which will have its third reading in the Scottish Parliament today.

UNISON represent professional and support staff in universities across Scotland and believes the move will improve participation in decision-making, and ultimately improve the lives of students.

The move will help make sure “that Scottish higher education institutions are more inclusive, and will enable our members voices to be heard on campus,” says UNISON Scotland head of higher education Emma Phillips.

“UNISON members are key frontline staff and integral to providing the excellent student experience that Scottish institutions all aim to deliver.

“The fact that they will now play a part in running our universities will improve services for students.”

Scottish university chancellors have expressed fears that the bill would harm the autonomy of education institutions.

But, says Ms Phillips, “the key aim of the bill is to strengthen governance in the sector and enable universities to embrace greater transparency and openness, by having trade union representation on university courts.

“The reform means professional and support staff will be in a stronger position to improve student services.

“We believe that the Higher Education Governance Bill will empower staff and students and encouraging a partnership between staff, students and management of higher education institutions.”


The Yorkshire & Humberside Regional Young Members’ Forum are hosting three training workshops for young members.

Saturday 3 May 2014 – Introduction to media skills and organising

Find out more about how to use the internet, social networking and the press and broadcast media for the benefit of UNISON members.

Saturday 30 August 2014 – Campaigning skills

Campaigning can help persuade people to take a particular course of action or change their attitudes or opinions. Find out what skills are needed to achieve this.

Saturday 13 December 2014 – A beginners guide to UNISON

Find out how UNISON is structured and how members influence policy and decisions. Also find out about the work that UNISON does to achieve our objectives.

Training will be held at UNISON Regional Office in Leeds. The workshop costs £12.50 (payable by the Branch).  Training starts at 1.30pm – 3.30pm (lunch will be provided from 1pm).

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